Satalite and Cable TV Options

Anyone who knows me knows I like to watch TV shows. I think the best way to get the television shows I like is via Dish Network. I’ve used their services several times and have always enjoyed them. I prefer Dish Network over cable because Dish Network offers me so many other choices over what cable does.

According to this TV Service Guide that is provided by the FCC in many cases, when you are using a service like Dish Network then you can get your local channels with no problems. The local channels tend to come in over much higher quality on satellite, as opposed to cable. Satellite is also more cost effective than cable. I would choose Satellite over cable every time. I was looking around at some of the programming packages that are available for Dish Network and was shocked at how low the cost was. The number of channels you can get with these packages is tremendous, and much better than the programming packages offered by my local cable TV company.

In addition to the low cost, you get many channels, even in High Definition. In fact Dish Network is offering free HD for life. I know that my local cable company charges extra for HD content. There are also all kinds of special offers that you can find if you are a new customer. They offer great things in their packages for their new customers. I’ve used Dish Network in the past, and I would recommend it for anyone over local cable. The service is better, the prices are better, the picture looks better. In all ways Dish Network is superior to cable TV.

Update On Writing And Class

So yesterday I managed to finish up the short story I was working on. It clocked in at about 1900 words, which was larger than I was hoping it would be. That’s ok though I think, because it’s close to the 1500 words that Hall Brothers was looking for to be put in their first anthology. So hopefully they like it, and it gets published with them. If not I’ll probably be looking for some other avenues to get it published. I truly think this is one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever written. It’s also one of the happiest endings I’ve ever had. There were still people alive at the end of it. (For those of you not familiar with my fiction, I like killing main characters, usually in strange and interesting ways.)

As far as class goes, the first day was what you would call an orientation where we got a basic outline of class. The second day (yesterday) we took some short assessment tests. We are taking some longer assessment tests today, and what happens next will depend on today’s tests. Also there is a chance they will not continue with the class because not enough people want to take it. They told us on Monday that if at least 50 people didn’t take it, they couldn’t run the class. They are about 15 people off from 50, though they didn’t mention that yesterday, so hopefully the class will continue forward.

A Short Update On Writing

So I had this really neat sci-fi story going for the new anthology being put out by my friends over at Hall Brothers Entertainment. It flopped on its face, despite the fact that I actually decided to outline something before I wrote it. (Something I almost never do, I like to write off the cuff as it were, and fix mistakes and errors later.) Around the same time this happened, Hall Brothers announced that people submitting stories would have a better chance of getting their stories published if they were shorter. Say 500-1500 words.

Perfect! I needed an excuse to start over! So I did. The new story is coming together really well, and even involves a couple of elements from the old story. Now I just need to keep the new story from getting too long.

On a side note, a request has also been made of me by Hall Brothers to write a few more 2 sentence stories, which I will get to just as soon as I get done with this short story I’m working on for them. Also if anyone would like to try their hand at 2 sentence stories, or wants to know what the heck I’m talking about, let me know! I’ll give you details and you can submit your own 2 sentence stories to Hall Brothers!

On Fiction I’ve Written Today

My good friend A.C. Hall put out a request today for 2 sentence stories. He is running a nifty little publishing company called Hall Brothers Entertainment. They just got up and running last month. Well, at least they just announced it last month. Anyway, one of the stories I’ve been writing lately (ok, maybe not lately, but I’ll get to that in a second) is for an upcoming short story anthology they are going to be putting out. Continue reading

Quick Update

I’ve not disapeered from blogging, just had no time to write here. To recap:
Last 2 weeks I worked 10 days in a row with 1 day off
I did that so I could have Saturday the 29th of May off
The 29th of May through the 31st I was rolling around in the dirt south of Reno becoming a better marksman
The 1st I was so dead tired after work i passed out like 2 hours early.
The 2nd I had to write a music review for the newspaper.
So tonight I may relax, or I may work on my blog entry about the 29th through the 31st.
I also have a blog entry coming on how I do all the neat little tricks with wordpress, facebook, twitter, and livejournal.
I’ve started writing both the above mentioned blog entries but because of the stuff above haven’t had time to work on them much.
I also have 2 my 2 other projects.
So yea, been a bit busy lately. Hopefully it calms down soon!

The new

Well since I’ve had a chance to play around with wordpress I’ve decided I like it A LOT better than livejournal. However I have set it up where my posts from will make their way back to livejournal automatically. Even better if you want to comment you can do it at or you can do it at livejournal.

I’ve decided to take my writing a little more seriously as of late, and as a result will become something of a hybrid between being about me and my writing, with some personal blogging mixed in. I may still make the occasional friends only post on livejournal, so if you follow me there, please keep doing so.

That’s all I really have time for tonight, but I am glad I got the cross posting up and working. isn’t much to look at right now, but I’ll get it there. It is going to be a lot like my old site in that you could find links to things I’ve written and things like that, but I’m hoping this new site will be a lot more dynamic and get updated a lot more. As it stands for the moment it now has less stuff than the old site had on it, but that will be improving soon.

Also I have 2 projects going on right now. One I will call project S. The other is project T. The two are mildly related, for the moment.

Project S has 1 chapter written on it.

Project T is still in the early planning stages.