30th Birthday Weekend (also preliminary wedding plans)

Last weekend on July the 17th I had a bar-b-que that was thrown for me by my girlfriend Ashley. Her parents, and brother were there. We also had a few friends from church who joined us. Ashley’s dad made tri-tips, and her mom made some good baked beans, Ashley got the cake, and all of it was delicious. Leslie from church made a salad and brought that, although I don’t eat lettuce, so I can’t attest to its goodness.

I got off work at 4pm, and most everyone had shown up at the house by about 5:30. Continue reading

My Busy Weekend

This past Saturday was the first Saturday I’ve had off since I got out of training in mid-November. I was teaching Sunday School the next day so the first stop was Fed-Ex Kinko’s to print out the article that I was doing my lesson from. Ashley was with me, and she wanted to stop by Goodwill since we were right next door at Fed-Ex. She looked around there, and didn’t find anything she needed.

Next we headed over to Whole Foods so Ashley could pick up some gluten free cookies. We were headed to a bar-b-que later in the day and Continue reading

Quick Update

I’ve not disapeered from blogging, just had no time to write here. To recap:
Last 2 weeks I worked 10 days in a row with 1 day off
I did that so I could have Saturday the 29th of May off
The 29th of May through the 31st I was rolling around in the dirt south of Reno becoming a better marksman
The 1st I was so dead tired after work i passed out like 2 hours early.
The 2nd I had to write a music review for the newspaper.
So tonight I may relax, or I may work on my blog entry about the 29th through the 31st.
I also have a blog entry coming on how I do all the neat little tricks with wordpress, facebook, twitter, and livejournal.
I’ve started writing both the above mentioned blog entries but because of the stuff above haven’t had time to work on them much.
I also have 2 my 2 other projects.
So yea, been a bit busy lately. Hopefully it calms down soon!