Ramifications Of Finding New Family Members Not All Positive

So everyone has been so happy to have found these new siblings of ours. Everyone is getting to know everyone else. Everyone seems to be having a good time discovering each other. This has even led to the siblings who did know about each other staying more in touch with each other as we all coordinate for my sisters wedding in October.

Unfortunately there also seems to be a side effect that I hadn’t thought of. Continue reading

30th Birthday Weekend (also preliminary wedding plans)

Last weekend on July the 17th I had a bar-b-que that was thrown for me by my girlfriend Ashley. Her parents, and brother were there. We also had a few friends from church who joined us. Ashley’s dad made tri-tips, and her mom made some good baked beans, Ashley got the cake, and all of it was delicious. Leslie from church made a salad and brought that, although I don’t eat lettuce, so I can’t attest to its goodness.

I got off work at 4pm, and most everyone had shown up at the house by about 5:30. Continue reading

So It Turns Out I Have Another New Sister

Yea, that’s right. another new sister. In case anyone isn’t aware, I’ve known for years that I had a sister that was never claimed by my dad. Well, half sister would be the correct term, but since all my siblings are half, I don’t make the distinction. Michelle is the sister that dad never claimed. She came to visit me one day sometime around 1995 (maybe? I’m not sure exactly what year, her oldest was still just a baby). She was looking for dad, and I guess wanted to let him know he had a grand-kid. I’m not too sure. We seemed to get along well for that 15 minutes or so that we talked. Then she left, and Continue reading