Update On Writing And Class

So yesterday I managed to finish up the short story I was working on. It clocked in at about 1900 words, which was larger than I was hoping it would be. That’s ok though I think, because it’s close to the 1500 words that Hall Brothers was looking for to be put in their first anthology. So hopefully they like it, and it gets published with them. If not I’ll probably be looking for some other avenues to get it published. I truly think this is one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve ever written. It’s also one of the happiest endings I’ve ever had. There were still people alive at the end of it. (For those of you not familiar with my fiction, I like killing main characters, usually in strange and interesting ways.)

As far as class goes, the first day was what you would call an orientation where we got a basic outline of class. The second day (yesterday) we took some short assessment tests. We are taking some longer assessment tests today, and what happens next will depend on today’s tests. Also there is a chance they will not continue with the class because not enough people want to take it. They told us on Monday that if at least 50 people didn’t take it, they couldn’t run the class. They are about 15 people off from 50, though they didn’t mention that yesterday, so hopefully the class will continue forward.