I Love The Department I Work In

I know I’ve gone on before about how much I like my new job. But today I got another reminder of it. In my old department my boss would have sent out an email that said something like this:

Dear Employees,
If I see another cell phone out at your desk, not only will you be written up, but your cell phone will be confiscated, and we will draw and quarter you at dawn tomorrow.
Your Boss

Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating slightly on the confiscation and the being drawn and quartered… but not by much.

Today I got an email from my current boss that says this:

Dear Employees,
Please remember when you come into the building to have your cell phones on vibrate. Your patient on the other end of the line when you are on the phone has no desire to hear your new Justin Bieber ring tone, and neither do I.
Your Boss

With the exception of the “Love, Your Boss” part, that email is word for word. LOL

Iphone 4 Jailbreak

So I’ve been following the Iphone4 jailbreak saga since it started a couple of hours ago. There is a website you can go to and the website will actually jailbreak your phone for you. Early reports indicated that if you used this jailbreak that your phone would no longer have facetime or mms enabled. I decided at that point to hold off on doing the jailbreak for now. Then not long ago people started reporting a fix. Continue reading

Sometimes (most times?) I Hate AT&T

So I ordered this nifty set of headphones from AT&T. They are Skullcandy brand. Here is a link to the Skullcandy’s website where it tells about the headphones. I ordered them because Ashley has 2 pairs of headphones made by Skullcandy and enjoys both of them. I tried out her in-ear headphones and man did they sound good!

So I found out that AT&T had these headphones online for sale. Continue reading

Iphone 4 Experience The First 48 Hours (pic and video included)

First off, on a side note, I just discovered that one of the things that caused people to find my blog was a search for “i got promoted and dont like my job anymore”. Very strange, but I assume it has to do with the post where I talk about how I got promoted. Anyway, on to the main point of my post today. The Iphone 4.

I picked up my Iphone 4 from Fed-Ex after work on Thursday. Fed-Ex was actually very competent and hassle free, a different experience than what I had in Dallas whenever I had to contact Fed-Ex there. To be fair though, that’s only talking about in person contacts, every time I’ve talked with them on the phone has been a pleasurable experience.

After I picked up the phone, I took it out to the truck and opened the box. It came just like every other iphone does, with the same accessories, but when I picked up the phone itself, Continue reading