What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Some people may not be aware of what it is I do for a day job. I work for a medical company. Insurance companies (here after known as ICO’s) are our clients. The ICO’s hire us to call their clients (the people enrolled with their insurance) and offer them health programs which the insurance companies pay for. Now you might think that “selling” something that is offered free to people would be easy. Well its not. Old people are set in their ways and don’t want to deal with the change that being a part of the program would bring to their life. Younger people think we are trying to steal their identities and usually refuse to talk to us.

So whenever I am actually able to get someone on the phone, Continue reading

The new randyandrews.net

Well since I’ve had a chance to play around with wordpress I’ve decided I like it A LOT better than livejournal. However I have set it up where my posts from randyandrews.net will make their way back to livejournal automatically. Even better if you want to comment you can do it at randyandrews.net or you can do it at livejournal.

I’ve decided to take my writing a little more seriously as of late, and as a result randyandrews.net will become something of a hybrid between being about me and my writing, with some personal blogging mixed in. I may still make the occasional friends only post on livejournal, so if you follow me there, please keep doing so.

That’s all I really have time for tonight, but I am glad I got the cross posting up and working. randyandrews.net isn’t much to look at right now, but I’ll get it there. It is going to be a lot like my old site in that you could find links to things I’ve written and things like that, but I’m hoping this new site will be a lot more dynamic and get updated a lot more. As it stands for the moment it now has less stuff than the old site had on it, but that will be improving soon.

Also I have 2 projects going on right now. One I will call project S. The other is project T. The two are mildly related, for the moment.

Project S has 1 chapter written on it.

Project T is still in the early planning stages.