A Tour Of Sports Parks

So I was browsing the website ticketamerica.com and noticed that you could get tickets to a lot of different events there. While I was looking at ticketamerica.com , it occurred to me that as a fun activity during baseball season, I could take a little tour of all the parks in the surrounding states, and see some really cool games. After looking over the website I can see that there is a lot of information on ticketamerica.com than just buying tickets. It gives some history of some of the baseball teams. It also shows you how you can get tickets to events besides just the baseball games, so that while you are in town seeing the baseball game, you could get tickets to another event as well.

I could start off by going to see the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. San Francisco is pretty close to me, so that wouldn’t be too far of a drive. I could make like a mini-vacation out of it. See some of the sites while I was in San Francisco. Also if there were any other events going on at AT&T Park I could use ticketamerica.com to get my tickets to that event as well, since they don’t only do baseball.

The next place I would want to visit would be the home of the Sacramento Kings, Arco Arena. I think it would be great to catch a game there, and it’s not too far from home for me. In fact I could attend the games on a pretty regular basis.

Another good place to see a game would be the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado. I’ve got a brother that lives in the Colorado area and we could both go catch an Avalanche game there. I also noticed that Roger Waters is going to be playing the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado, and ticketamerica.com has tickets to it as well. I could pick up the Avalanche tickets at the same time I do the Roger Waters tickets. What a convenience!

I’ve always loved watching the Dallas Stars play. The next time I make it back to Dallas I would love to see them at the American Airlines Center again. The seating in there is great. Even in the section highest up, you still have a great view of the game.

The last place I’ll talk about that I have always wanted to visit is Seattle Washington. While I was there I could take in in a Seattle Mariners game. They play at Safeco Field. It would be great to visit that park, and maybe even catch a home run that one of the Mariners hit. I would of course get my tickets through ticketamerica.com.

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  • This post centers around Hugh Laurie's character on House; undoubtedly the most interesting and entertaining, if dyspeptic, House character. House is enigmatic because of his frequent and subtle use of sarcasm. It's often difficult to fathom his true personality and motives, because he so often feigns emotions and beliefs in order to accomplish his selfish objectives. Still, the task is certainly far from impossible.
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  • The latest version of Google’s 3D map application, Google Earth, now has the ability to display real-time rain and snow in certain parts of the world.

    To see it, you must first enable the clouds layer, and then zoom in to a location where it’s raining or snowing. Google Earth displays rain and snow only in certain parts of North America and Europe; to see where exactly the new feature is available, enable the radar layer.

Sometimes (most times?) I Hate AT&T

So I ordered this nifty set of headphones from AT&T. They are Skullcandy brand. Here is a link to the Skullcandy’s website where it tells about the headphones. I ordered them because Ashley has 2 pairs of headphones made by Skullcandy and enjoys both of them. I tried out her in-ear headphones and man did they sound good!

So I found out that AT&T had these headphones online for sale. Continue reading

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  • Once Dillinger has penetrated an ATM, it installs a multi-platform rootkit developed by Jack, which he calls "Scrooge," according to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA). This gives the attacker administrative privileges in the ATM, the association pointed out.

    "Scrooge" will also reportedly capture magstripe data embedded in the bank cards people insert into the ATM to make a transaction. Jack reportedly hacked the Tranax ATM by reprogramming it over a network.

I Should Be Sleeping Now

I should be asleep now. I came downstairs because I knew my paycheck hit my bank account at midnight and I figured since I was up I might as well go ahead and pay my bills. Well I did that, then noticed there was some stuff on WordPress needing to be updated. So I tried to update wordpress, that failed, and I kept getting a dead blog. Finally I got it back up and running, but it’s still not updated (an hour later now). So yea, I’m going to bed now. Good night everyone.

Ramifications Of Finding New Family Members Not All Positive

So everyone has been so happy to have found these new siblings of ours. Everyone is getting to know everyone else. Everyone seems to be having a good time discovering each other. This has even led to the siblings who did know about each other staying more in touch with each other as we all coordinate for my sisters wedding in October.

Unfortunately there also seems to be a side effect that I hadn’t thought of. Continue reading

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  • Apple is investigating reports that the latest iPhone operating system causes problems for users of the iPhone 3G, after a series of complaints on Apple support forums and technology blogs. Apple is aware of the reports and is looking into the matter, a spokeswoman told Digits.

    As for myself, I never even bothered with IOS 4 on my 3G since I figured it wouldn't run very well. Also I didn't want to go through the trouble of jailbreaking it again. But mostly I didn't want to

  • Android’s activation numbers are not device dependent. Apple’s shouldn’t be either. If we are going to truly compare the two mobile OSs we need to include sales of iPads and iPod Touches. Add them into the mix and the data shows that Android is catching up but still isn’t close.

    Here’s the math: I think we can all agree that Apple is selling iPhones at a rate of 4 million a month. Add the 1 million iPads/month Apple is selling and another 1.85 million/month as a guestimate for iPod Touch sales and you get … wait for it … 6.85 million iOS devices a month, or 42 percent more than Android. Apple doesn’t consistently provide iPod Touch numbers, but over the years it has provided enough data to make an educated guess.

    Conclusion: iPod Touch sales have conservatively run about two-thirds of iPhone sales. If Apple sold 8.4 million iPhones last quarter, that means it sold 5.5 million iPod Touches, or 1.85 million a month.

  • Scientists have for some years been able to 'teleport' quantum states from one place to another. Now Seth Lloyd and his MIT team say that, using the same principles and a further strange quantum effect known as 'postselection', it should be possible to do the same backwards in time. Lloyd told the Technology Review: "It is possible for particles (and, in principle, people) to tunnel from the future to the past."

Stress Free Wedding Planning

Authored by Leandro Delgado

I used my huges net satellite internet to plan my nuptials online. Who needs a wedding planner when the satellite internet Michigan connection has all the resources one could need to plan a wedding?

I used the internet to find our venue. I especially liked how I could read other couple’s reviews online, in their own words. It helped me know what to look out for when booking the site. There were many resources that were easy to use to find caterers, a floral decorator, and even the reception hall.

Even though I didn’t expect it, the internet is also where I found my wedding dress as well as my bridesmaid’s dresses. I found a great deal online, and the site even had a generous return policy just incase the dress didn’t fit right. I used an online search site to find a well reviewed hair and makeup person who would even come to the venue directly before the wedding.

I know many women who plan their own weddings describe the process as as stressful and overwhelming. My experience has been the exact opposite. Because I had the freedom to explore many options and read other bride’s personal reviews, I feel confidant the entire process. My wedding ended up amazing, the event I’d always dreamed it would be.

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