“Top Performer”

At work we are getting a new computer inventory system. To begin with only 2 people are being trained on this new system. Those 2 people get to work out the kinks in the system while everyone else who comes after benefits from their experience. I’ve been picked as one of the 2 people who are going to be trained in this new system.

My boss pulled me and the other guy aside today and explained a few things to us. Number one this new system is going to be a huge PITA (pain in the rear). Secondly it is going to ruin our productivity. So our productivity won’t count for the duration of the time we are on the project. (I see this as a positive thing). While having the conversation with her she said that the reason I was picked was because I am a “top performer” on the team, and since I came to this team I have “caught on so quickly” that she thinks I’ll be able to get this new system, and help other folks when they bring them over to using it.

I am very pleased with her saying these things about me. I figured I had kind of caught on quickly to things on this team. Given that I was at the same level as the guy who started 2 weeks before me at the same time he was. However I had not realized that I was a top performer, since we don’t compare stats in this department near as much as we used to in the old department.

New Music From Older Artists

Lot’s of potentially interesting new albums coming out today. Of note I see the following:

Würst by KMFDM

To celebrate over 25 years in groundbreaking new music, KMFDM has released a collections of all their greatest hit. That’s right, KMFDM only ever had 1 hit, however they still managed to make some of the best industrial music known to man. This collection is a great mix of old and new songs that provide a manifesto for the band second to none. While it does include some of the same tracks as their first greatest hit album Retro, the newer songs on here show how much they have grown since then. Some tracks got their remixes put on the album instead of the original when the bands leader Sascha K deems the remixes better than the originals.

Six Feet Down Under by Metallica

Metallica had anounced before that they are releasing a new eight-song live EP titled, Six Feet Down Under, to commemorate their upcoming tour to Australia and New Zealand. It’s a bunch of live and/or accoustic tracks that were recorded the last time they were down Austrailia way. It is a limited edition EP (which means they’ll print what? 3 million copies, instead of the normal 6 million?). It is availiable exclusively at some Austrailian record store, or on the metallica.com store. I’ve heard some of these recordings are bootlegs, and thus are pretty rough sounding. I still look forward to hearing it.

I Am The West by Ice Cube

Granted this kind of music is not for everyone. In fact its not even for most of the people who are reading this right now. I do however enjoying hearing some of the rappers that I grew up listening to. Assuming they haven’t gone completely off the deep end. Ice Cube tends to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground normally. Looking forward to hearing this from him.

This Made Me LOL A Lot

Yea, I know there hasn’t been a lot of updates lately, but there isn’t a lot going on. One of these days I need to put up pictures and video from the Smashing Pumpkins concert. Also I did get a new monitor for my computer. It’s a 23″ wide screen monitor. It’s beautiful, and has so much more clarity over my old monitor. I’m almost done with school, this coming week are my last 2 classes.

That about covers it for now.

My Fiction Appearing On A Website Near You

If you head on over to http://hallbrosentertainment.com/ you can catch the first of several of my 2 sentence stories that they are going to be posting up there. It’s a good one too. I had to double check to make sure that I had written it because it was so freakin epic. 😛

Anyway, if you are reading this more than a week after I posted it, you can see the story here at this link.

As a reminder, any stories that appear on my webpage, written by me are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. The same does NOT hold true for my content on other websites, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Random Conversation From This Morning

(8:28:26 AM) random internet person: man who are you
(8:30:58 AM) me: why did you IM a random person when you have no idea who they are?
(8:31:05 AM) random internet person: i– i don’t know
(8:31:12 AM) random internet person: you were on my buddy list and i don’t know why
(8:31:16 AM) me: lol
(8:31:27 AM) me: I used to hang out in newsarama chat a lot
(8:31:32 AM) me: back in the day
(8:31:36 AM) me: that might be where you know me from
(8:31:37 AM) random internet person: wait, do you have an lj/dreamwidth or something
(8:31:45 AM) me: i do have livejournal

(8:31:48 AM) random internet person: that is probably it
(8:32:06 AM) me: if it makes you feel any better i have no clue who you are either 🙂
(8:32:11 AM) random internet person: fantastic
(8:32:25 AM) random internet person: i probably just randomly added you after seeing something on one of your on-line interweb blogs, but i don’t know why
(8:32:29 AM) random internet person: i do that sometimes
(8:32:38 AM) me: On livejournal I’m randyandrews
(8:33:14 AM) me: if it helps any
(8:33:34 AM) random internet person: weird, i don’t remember you at all
(8:33:37 AM) random internet person: you are an international man of mystery
(8:33:44 AM) me: i guess so, haha
(8:34:10 AM) me: i don’t even use aim anymore, I have a multichat thing that just signs into everything, I had honestly forgotten it signs into aim
(8:34:13 AM) me: thanks for the reminder
(8:34:28 AM) random internet person: no problem
(8:34:37 AM) me: interestingly enough this is the best conversation I’ve had all day, and my prospects don’t look much better for the rest of the day
(8:35:16 AM) random internet person: it’s still pretty damn early in the day in nevada
(8:35:18 AM) random internet person: do not give up hope
(8:36:17 AM) me: i’ll try not to
(8:36:32 AM) me: so you know a little about me, who are you?
(8:36:43 AM) random internet person: don
(8:36:52 AM) random internet person: 23, florida
(8:37:00 AM) me: nice to meetcha don

links for 2010-09-14

  • "When NBC talked about the last combat troops are gone, they made it sound like everything is basically over," he said, after escorting a 19-truck convoy through a part of northern Iraq where roadside bombs and mortar attacks are still a danger.

    "To us it was like a slap in the face, because we are still here … we are still going in harm's way every time we leave out of the gate," Manuel said at a U.S. military base, Camp Speicher, near Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit.

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