Rated Battlegrounds

Since I know most of you would have no idea what I was talking about when I mention rated battlegrounds and all the things that come with it I’ll go into a little background here. Any questions feel free to ask. 🙂

So WOW is a video game I play with literally thousands of other people active and doing things in the game at the same time I am. It is a very social game. One aspect of the game is called battlegrounds. In a battleground you have an objective, such as to capture the flag, or hold a base for a certain length of time. There are 2 types of battlegrounds that you can play, regular, and rated. Regular and rated are the same except that with rated you get a score based on your game. The system then tries to match you up with others who are of a similar score to you. There are 10 people on your team, and 10 people on the other team. All of these people are controlled by real live people also sitting at their computers.

The WOW world is divided into servers because there is something like 13 million people that play this game, and there isn’t a server in the world that could handle all of us on at once. On my server there is around 10,000 people logged in at any one time. On the server are 2 factions, The Alliance, and The Horde. I happen to play on The Horde almost exclusively. Within the Horde there are guilds. Guilds are just basically players who have banded together, and agreed to play together. You get a few bonuses for being in a guild such as a guild bank to store items and a common chat room for the entire guild. My guild currently has around 200 people in it. I am what is called an officer in this guild. An officer is usually someone who is in charge of a certain aspect of the game. In this case I am in charge of rated battlegrounds. I tend to be a co-leader with another guy in my guild who is a really good friend of mine. He also happens to be one of the people i spend the most time in the game with.

So with that explination out of the way, I’ll go into the neat thing that happened this past weekend. Continue reading

So I’ve Been Ignoring My Blog A Little Lately

I think it started when I realized that my renewal for my hosting was going to be up soon. I didn’t really want to pay $120 for another year of hosting, when there were other cheaper plans out there. So I just kind of started ignoring it since I thought it would go away soon. Well a few days ago my renewal through dreamhost came up, and lo and behold it was only $36 to renew it for a year. Not the $120 I was expecting. So I went ahead and paid for it before they realized they’d made some sort of huge mistake.

Now all this is not to say I’ve been ignoring livejournal. I still read my livejournal friends page on a daily basis. I also have my tweets backing themselves up to livejournal, along with randyandrews.net backing up to there as well. I’ve had my livejournal for a very long time, I don’t think I’ll ever be getting rid of it. So now that I am coming back to writing a bit more, what to write? Well a majority of my free time these days has been devoted to World Of Warcraft (WOW for short) so if nothing else I can write about what I did in WOW the previous day. Here’s an update about last night. (Also for any non-WOW people, if there is something you don’t understand, leave a comment, I’ll be happy to explain.)

Last night was work then WOW. To begin with Seduce needed my help with some money laundering between her alliance and her horde characters. So I flew down to booty bay and put up a grey item on the AH for like 35k gold. She wanted to buy a wand that was on the AH for super cheap.The AH wouldn’t have given us the money for another hour though so I asked Rez if he could front her some money for an hour until I got the money from the neutral AH. He said he could, but it took some switching around to and from different characters. Seduce finally got the money, but by the time she got it the wand she wanted was gone. A little later she found it re-listed on the AH for 44k gold. I believe it was originally 25k that would have bought it.

Anyway, so she missed out on it and life moves on. Foxy has been wanting to run raids for awhile now, and I kind of miss doing dg’s. So I switched over into bear form to try and learn how to tank. Cow and Seduce came with me, and we hit up blackrock caverns. Regular not heroic, heh. The first time I ran it I was a mess. I lost aggro a lot, my rotation was ass, the whole thing was just plain sloppy. We only had 1 death though and I don’t think it was my fault. I had a bitch of a time holding aggro too. The second run was a lot better. We had 1 person die, and that was my fault, but that was because I misunderstood some boss mechanics. Oh also on the first run we had a hunter quit after his pet died. I told both groups at the beginning that i am a new tank, and to bear with me. Anyway over all I had a lot of fun. I want to get my DK up now so that he can become a tank for the guild.

Once the dg runs were done we grouped up with a couple other people and did a bg or 2. That about covers everything for yesterday. 🙂