Preliminary Planning For Texas Trip

So I know there are a lot of people I want to visit with when I come to Texas. I know there are a lot of people who want to meet Ashley. I’m going to try to plan this trip out as well as I possibly can so that we can be as efficient as possible while we are there.

May 19th – Arrive at Midland airport at 6:45pm, assuming our plane is on time. Hope some yet to be named family member from San Angelo is there to pick us up.

May 19th-22nd hang out with family in San Angelo. (can get more detailed later.)

May 23rd – wake up early and drive in the general direction of Dallas. Possibly make a detour to Jacksboro to pay a visit to my Aunt Ana and Uncle Bob’s house. At some point that evening arrive at Kara and George’s house. Maybe have dinner with Kara and George?

May 24th – Morning and Afternoon, no plans. Evening – have to be at location for wedding rehersal.

May 25th – Morning and Afternoon maybe hang out with friends in the Greenville area. Nick and Ben perhaps? May 25th evening bachelor (for me) and bachelorette (for Ashley) party.

May 26th Morning – Wedding! (frickin about time you 2… geez..) Afternoon open. Evening (pending Jo Jo’s approval) hanging out with James and Jo Jo so they can get to know Ashley.

May 27th – Leisurely Sunday drive back to San Angelo

May 28th – Morning sleep in! Try to recover from the past week! – Evening back to Midland by about 5pm to make our plane on time, hopefully taken by some relative from San Angelo.

So there’s what I got off the top of my head. The wedding plans cannot be changed or moved, they are set in stone. Aside from that we’re pretty flexible. Suggestions for changes or spending time with people please let me know. I’ll put up a more permanent schedule later after working out who all we’re going to see.

What’s This Wet Crap Falling Out Of The Sky?

Last summer I bought a motorcycle. It was a Kawasaki Vulcan 800. I absolutely love that bike. At the time I bought it I had my truck which was out of commission. I bought the motorcycle and said “oh i’ll just fix the truck later, it will be easy, and I can ride the motorcycle until then.” Fast forward 6 months, we’re in the dead of winter, I still have my motorcycle (running like a champ!) but no truck anymore.


A buddy of mine came over and looked at the truck. Fuel injector problems. Exhaust problems. Clutch problems. Won’t even start properly problems. It would have been a minimum of $3500 to fix all the things wrong with the truck and I could buy a newer truck than mine for that kind of money. It came time to sell the truck. It got sold to pick n pull for around $400. I was extremely sad to see it go. What made it worse was having to follow it out of the drive way on my bike on my way to work. I thought they would be later in the day picking up the truck. I was wrong and very surprised at how emotional I got seeing the truck go.

She was a good truck. Took me across the state of Texas more times than I can count, and then got me out here to Nevada, and kept running for over a year after that. She probably had somewhere near 200,000 miles on her. I’m not too sure because the odometer quit working somewhere about 3 years before she died. The odo read 156,xxx when I got rid of her.

Life moves on though, and it is for the living. Sadly my truck is no longer living. So we get where I am today. Or more specifically where I was this afternoon when I left work. I walked outside and it was raining. Not a heavy rain, but enough to make the streets wet, and enough to make my butt a little wet on the seat of the motorcycle when I sat down despite having dried the seat off as best I could. I think this is the second time I’ve driven the bike in the rain. Once you get moving and the wind dries all the water from your face shield its not so bad.

The bad part is the mornings when I have to go to work. It’s typically between 30 degrees and 40 degrees. I’ve learned to appreciate the lower 40 degree weather. It’s nice compared to sub 30. A few mornings ago it was 9 degrees outside when I left. If the temp is above about 35 I can still feel my legs when I get to work. IF it is below, then my legs are usually numb by the time I arrive. I should get some better gear for my legs, but I’m poor, and it would take a long time to change clothes once I got to work. Maybe next winter…

Blogging Again (A Christmas Story)

It has been awhile since I blogged on a regular basis, and I’m going to try it again. I don’t really play WOW anymore, so maybe I have some more time for it. I’ll start this with an interesting little story that happened back on Christmas Eve.

I worked Chirstmas Eve day, and my brother Chris was down for a visit during this time. One of my favorite bands Hellbound Glory was playing a Christmas Eve show that night down in Tahoe. The show started about 10pm, so I figured it would be a long night. Chris had been trying to get a shot of the welcome to California sign since he had arrived but we had always been going by too fast for him to get it. This particular show was happening in a town that sits right on the Nevada California border.

So we started driving down there around 8pm loaded down with monster energy drinks for everyone because it was gonna be a long night. We got to the town and were looking for the club where the show was going to take place. While we were looking for the club we noticed that there was a welcome to California sign right next to a drive way that could easily be pulled into. We stopped and let little brother get his picture, and while we were there we happened to notice the club right across the street. Had we not stopped to get his picture, we would have driven right by it.

We parked and went inside to the bar area where the show was going to be held. Right after we came in a guy came over and asked Chris for his ID. The guy spent a long time looking at it (Texas ID in Nevada) and then finally stopped and said “oh wait, you aren’t even 21, you need to get out of here” (Chris is 18, I figured it would be ok for a club if he didn’t drink or anything). I tried to reason with the man, but he was having none of it. I saw a sign later on (nowhere near the entrance) that said you absolutely had to be at least 21 to enter the establishment since it was considered a straight up casino.

So anyway, yea Christmas Eve night I got my little brother thrown out of a casino. Then I said to Ashley, “Well, lets get my record signed, and then we can get out of here.” So I found Leroy and he signed the record, and called the other 2 boys in the band over and they signed too.

Then I told Leroy that we were going to have to leave because my little brother got thrown out of the casino, and we were sorry, but we would catch them next time. Leroy said “Well, can you stay for a few songs? We can see if we can start the show a little early if you can.” I called Chris and told him we’d be out in a few mins (he was waiting out in the car) because the band was starting early. They got on stage and asked us what songs we wanted to hear.

They played about 5 or 6 of our requests before we ended up having to get out of there. I really didn’t want to go, but I felt bad leaving Chris out in the cold car for as long as we had. It was down somewhere in the teens because we were so high in elevation. Ashley has always made a joke (at least I hope its a joke…) about if we ever get divorced we’re going to have a divorce party and Hellbound Glory is going to play it for us. The boys actually agreed to do it that night while we were there, and they even played one of our favorite songs “Get Your Shit And Go”.

So that is the story about how I got a personal Christmas Eve show from one of my favorite bands. Oh there was no one else in the bar except the people who came with the band, so it really was played for just Ashley and I. Here’s a short little video I took while we were there.

After the little personal show we drove home. By the time we had actually arrived back in Reno it was technically Christmas morning and we stopped in at Denny’s for a late night meal.