Quote I Like

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.” -Ayn Rand

I challenge myself to write a list of my top 10 values and them prioritize them in order of importance. Then focus on being as true to them as I can.

Lessons Learned From Politricks Episode 3

I’d like to offer a personal apology to both the listeners of Politricks Nation, as well as the contributors. I did a really bad job of being the host/moderator of this show. I was under prepared, and should have done a better job of directing the conversation. We also had one of our number join later in the show. That resulted in the repeat of a lot of conversation topics. That was my own mistake for bringing in someone halfway through the show. I learned not to do that again.

This show got cut off a little short of where we were hoping. When we had the other person join in we just had a rehash of a lot of previously discussed topics, and a tiny bit of new content. I decided to just eliminate that part of the show. Sorry George, it is nothing against you.

How badly this show turned out was completely my fault, please don’t let the disorganization of this show reflect badly on the show or its contributors.

Lessons learned:
Don’t put in someone in the middle of the podcast
if you are going to put someone in the middle of the podcast start it over again
have more clearly defined talking points and the order in which to talk about them in, OR conversely just let the conversation take its natural course.