Sometimes (most times?) I Hate AT&T

So I ordered this nifty set of headphones from AT&T. They are Skullcandy brand. Here is a link to the Skullcandy’s website where it tells about the headphones. I ordered them because Ashley has 2 pairs of headphones made by Skullcandy and enjoys both of them. I tried out her in-ear headphones and man did they sound good!

So I found out that AT&T had these headphones online for sale. I needed a pair of noise reduction headphones for when I’m driving around in the truck, and they will be nice when I take my trip to Indiana in October for the plane ride. So at half off, I went ahead and picked up a pair. They sounded OK when I got them, I don’t think they sounded as good as Ashley’s did, but They were OK, and they did help reduce the level of noise I heard.
Today my grandpa called me, and I tried to use the microphone for the first time. I heard a clicking noise that sounded like an old record player had reached its last groove. Also he could not hear me. I called him a couple times, he called me a couple times, and finally I just gave up and pulled over and talked to him on the regular phone. So I went into an AT&T store I happened to be near by and they told me I would need to call to return the order since I made it online. So I called. I talked to a sales person who said I would need to speak to the “premiere sales department”. So she transfered me, and I waited on hold. And kept waiting. and kept waiting. This went on for almost an hour. Wanna see? I have proof!

I took that snap shot right before I placed that call on hold, and then called back to 611 on the other line. I switched back and forth between the 2 calls to see if the “premiere” service would ever pick up. They didn’t. Then I got a nice guy on the phone, explained to him I still had “premiere” service on hold on the other line, I had been waiting on hold almost an hour, and if he could please help. He told me that I could return the phone to an actual store. I was so happy to hear that, I thanked him many times, and wished him a very long life.

Then he called me back a few minutes later and left me a voice mail saying there would be a small restocking fee for returning to the store. If i have to pay a 10% fee to learn a lesson from this, then I will. I’m not happy about it, but I’ve learned, Don’t Buy From

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  1. Yea, that’s the bad thing about buying things from a few places. Once you’ve opened the package, they charge you a restocking fee. I don’t understand if the product doesn’t work though!?! It’s not like they can put it back on their shelves and sell it. I think that they would take return it to the manufacturer and get some credit!?!

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