links for 2010-07-31

  • This post centers around Hugh Laurie's character on House; undoubtedly the most interesting and entertaining, if dyspeptic, House character. House is enigmatic because of his frequent and subtle use of sarcasm. It's often difficult to fathom his true personality and motives, because he so often feigns emotions and beliefs in order to accomplish his selfish objectives. Still, the task is certainly far from impossible.
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  • The latest version of Google’s 3D map application, Google Earth, now has the ability to display real-time rain and snow in certain parts of the world.

    To see it, you must first enable the clouds layer, and then zoom in to a location where it’s raining or snowing. Google Earth displays rain and snow only in certain parts of North America and Europe; to see where exactly the new feature is available, enable the radar layer.


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