An Update On The AT&T Saga From Yesterday

So after Ashley got home yesterday we did some experiments with the head phones. They continued not to work on my Iphone 4. However Ashley has an Iphone 3GS that works perfectly fine with those headphones. Ashley said she loved the head phones, and they worked great on her phone, so I just decided to give them to her as an early birthday present.

We decided to go out to the Apple Store after that, since the Apple store would know for a fact which headsets work with the Iphone 4. Also while we were there we used a couple of the Mac’s that were connected to the internet to do some research. I found this thread over at the Skullcandy forums. It says that the Skullcandy FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) headphones do not work with the Iphone4. It wasn’t just my headphones, its all of them. Apparently someone has posted since last night also saying that Skullcandy Titan does not work on the Iphone4 either.

After looking at headsets at the Apple store, and looking at the ones that they recommended (it was $100 pair, but oddly enough it was not the most expensive pair there, they were actually telling us what the highest rated ones were) I decided not to get them right now. I will probably get them at a later date, simply because the noise isolation in the ones I had was great, so I do want more noise isolating headphones. I’m just going to hold off for a bit, until I’m positive I have the extra $100 to spend on them.


  1. That is so odd. I mean you would think if it worked for one it would the other. Of course, I had this problem with synching music. When i lived over at Heather’s and my brother came over I was able to sync my phone with his but not heather’s yet I was able to send her pictures through the sync without actually texting her. So weird how things work out.

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