Iphone 4 Jailbreak

So I’ve been following the Iphone4 jailbreak saga since it started a couple of hours ago. There is a website you can go to and the website will actually jailbreak your phone for you. Early reports indicated that if you used this jailbreak that your phone would no longer have facetime or mms enabled. I decided at that point to hold off on doing the jailbreak for now. Then not long ago people started reporting a fix. It seems that people are having good luck with that fix.

So, what I am doing now is updating Itunes, and updating to the latest IOS. Itunes update was quick, the IOS update is taking a little longer. Apparently when you go up by .1 of a version number (from 4.0 to 4.0.1) you have to have an almost 600mb download. And Apple’s servers are being slow. So at this point I am waiting on the download to finish. 12 more minutes it says.

On a side note, on the back of this news it appears that Engadget the tech website has been absolutely taken out. LOL. A few minutes later and Engadget is back up, however I cannot get the video of the jailbroken Iphone4 to load. After about 4 refreshes I was able to get the video to load. Ok, so I watched the video, and it was them not getting the jailbreak to work. It kept crashing Safari.

Ok, Iphone software has finally gotten done downloading. I’m updating to the latest version now.

I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this where I am, but keep checking back for updates! 7:39p.m. Pacific

7:46p.m. They just updated that people who jailbreak now will not have the facetime and MMS errors. I’ve backed up my phone and now getting ready to run the jailbreak.

7:47p.m. Says it’s “downloading. This May Take Awhile”. It appears to have crashed Safari. Trying again.

7:49p.m. “Jailbreaking…. Sit tight.”

7:56p.m. Cydia is up and running.

Here is the jailbreak finished at 7:50

Here is Cydia on the desktop:

One problem I have discovered. The app Iblacklist which allows me to block phone numbers and txt cost me $10 when I bought it. It will only work with the Iphone I bought it on. Which means if I want it on my new iphone, it will cost me another $10. I think I’ll just skip it for now.

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