Smashing Pumpkins Show

Woot! There is finally a set list posted for the Smashing Pumpkins show I went to way back on September 7th. Here is what they played:

Astral Planes
Ava Adore
A Song for a Son
As Rome Burns
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
United States
Spangled (This song had never been played in public until this show!! Awesome!!!)
My Love Is Winter
Cherub Rock
That’s the Way (My Love Is)
Tonight, Tonight
Stand Inside Your Love



As mentioned above Reno was the first audience to ever hear Spangle live. I actually have a video recording of the whole song that I took while I was there at the show. I haven’t had a chance to upload very many of the videos of pictures from the show. See them after the cut…



Bad City opened up for the Pumpkins. I had heard some of their stuff online before, and to be honest wasn’t terribly impressed with it. They made a slightly better impression on me with their live show. It was good, but I doubt I’ll be going out and buying any of their music, and I would not have paid money to see them if they were the only band playing.

The Pumpkins were in great form the night of the show. The venue was perfect. It might be a little difficult to tell from the pictures, but I was around 20 feet from the stage. The place was packed, but not overly crowded. The Reno Knitting Factory continues to be one of the best venue’s I’ve ever been to. Most of the crowd was very cool, and respected each other’s space very well. The sound and lighting were both great.

The new drummer Mike got to showcase a little of his skills with a 5 minute drum solo. He’s no Jimmy, but he’ll do. Overall the band members seemed very in sync. Billy was in a great mood that night, as evidenced by how much he talked and joked with the crowd. Luckily the crowd was in a good mood too, so when Billy introduced the song Spangle and said he was playing it for the first time ever live, he also told the crowd “Don’t talk during my F#%$ing song.” They complied, and Billy was happy. Yay for no Billy temper tantrums!

Billy played very well. As usual he showed off his guitar prowess, and the crowd (me included) thoroughly enjoyed it. The bassist, and second guitar player did not seem to get much in the way of face time with the crowd. They mostly stood off to the sides, and played like good little drones. They played well, with no noticeable mistakes.

The only down side I can see to anything about the show was the fact that I have seen Billy play before. The last time (which was also my first time) I saw him he blew me away with his skills on the guitar. In fact, going back and looking at my blog post from the last time I saw the Pumpkins live I said this “I always knew Billy was a good guitar player, I just never realized he was a great guitar player. Perhaps the best ever (Certainly the best I’ve ever seen live.)” I still stand by that statement. However it was hard to be as impressed this time around since I knew going in how amazing he was going to be. Hardly anything is ever as good as the first time you experience it.

This is the info for Spangle from Here. If you notice Reno is first. I’m so happy about that, if you can’t tell.

15 known performances (15 full):

2010/09/07 – Knitting Factory Reno; Reno, NV, US
2010/09/08 – Phoenix Theater; Petaluma, CA, US
2010/09/10 – Showbox SoDo; Seattle, WA, US
2010/09/11 – Wonder Ballroom; Portland, OR, US
2010/09/16 – Knitting Factory Boise; Boise, ID, US
2010/09/17 – In the Venue; Salt Lake City, UT, US
2010/09/18 – Comfort Dental Amphitheatre; Englewood, CO, US
2010/09/20 – Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater; Austin, TX, US
2010/09/21 – Warehouse Live; Houston, TX, US
2010/09/22 – Palladium Ballroom; Dallas, TX, US
2010/09/24 – Cain’s Ballroom; Tulsa, OK, US
2010/09/29 – France Télévisions; Paris, FR
2010/09/30 – Libraire Atout-Livre; Paris, FR
2010/10/01 – Maison de Radio France; Paris, FR
2010/10/12 – Riverside Theatre; Perth, AU

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