Russ Martin Show Best Of The 911 Calls

For anyone who might be¬†unfamiliar¬†with the Russ Martin show, it was a local radio show in Dallas. Probably the best morning show I’ve ever heard. You can read more about him and his show at the wikipedia link. Anyway, one of his funniest bits was the 911 calls that would come in from a very disgruntled mother who usually had problems collecting her $200. I managed to run across an old CD of his called The Best Of The 911 calls. As far as I know this cannot be obtained anywhere for any price anymore. So for your listening pleasure, I’ve uploaded the entire CD for you to download. It’s all zipped up and when you unzip it, it is MP3’s. If you haven’t listened to his show before I HIGHLY recommend you give this CD a try. You can click right here to download it.

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