Ben Came To Visit (pic heavy)

For the boxed wine group.

Ben decided he was going to come visit, and after a 27-ish hour drive (with only 3 hours of sleep on the way) he made it in on Wednesday night. That night when he showed up, we played went and got him a pizza at little ceasers, and then played a little WOW before he went to bed.

We got up the next morning with the intention of heading to the gun range. We woke up and had some breakfast. Then we packed up the truck and got on the road.



We arrived at the range. The day was partly cloudy and very cold.


While we were there we shot rifles.





As well as Pistols.



One thing of note about the range we went to. The Carson City range is way the heck out in the middle of nowhere. There is no one actually running the range, and it is completely free to use. The downside to this is that there are no target stands out there. So you have to either bring some with you, or improvise. We chose to improvise. 🙂


Those are wooden pallets that someone else had brought out to the range with our splatter targets posted up on them. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. It would have been nice if someone hadn’t robbed the staple gun and duct tape out of my bag. The targets might have stayed up a little better, but at this point that is neither here nor there.

Towards the end we decided to try to bayonet everything we possibly could without injuring ourselves or others.




Good times.

After we got done at the range we headed to Nu Yalk Pizza, which, IMHO has the best pizza this side of the New Jersey. Quite possibly as good as the pizze I’ve gotten in New York City. Ben said it was the best pizza he had ever had. Once we were done eating pizza we headed to one of the local gun shops, looked around, and then went on home. Ben created a new character on WOW, a druid, and I created a Shaman to play along side of him. I’ve discovered I hate playing as a Shaman and will never, ever do that again. LOL. We got into a couple of battlegrounds, so Ben could see what they were like. He mopped the floor with the alliance, my shaman, he umm.. stood there.. and occasionally popped a totem. Oh and he died. a lot. Like every 3 seconds. I will however say this, the troll starting area is not bad. I thought I would not like playing as a troll (due to the awful accent all the trolls have), but I did enjoy it quite a bit.

Anyway, we went to bed Thursday night, then woke up Friday to this.


Ben is frolicking in the snow. Yes I said frolicking.


Seemed as good a day as any to head to the Chinese buffet for brunch. After we got done there we hit up the record store, where Ben picked me up my Christmas presents.


I only have a picture of the above. It’s Thomas Dolby’s Golden Age Of Wireless on vinyl. If you’ve ever heard him at all you probably know this song from him.

He also got me a copy of Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. I have to say it is rather awesome hearing both of these on vinyl the way they were meant to be when they came out. After the record store we headed to Best Buy because Ben wanted to look at projectors, and something else I can’t remember what. While we were there we came across the ultra-rare WOW Cataclysm Collectors Edition. I’ve been lusting after one of those the past couple of weeks because of the art book and in game pet it comes with. Ben was interested in the trading card game that came with it, as well as the sound track. So we picked it up and split the cost of it between us. I also ended up with the mouse pad, and he got the special edition dvd that came with it. We were both happy with our purchase.

Ben went half on a collectors edition with me.

Also while we were at Best Buy I managed to pick up Ben’s Christmas present. Given how much he enjoys playing WOW I picked him up his own copy. We headed back home and played WOW until Ashley got home. When she got home the 3 of us went to wal-mart to do the grocery shopping for Ashley and I. While we were there I managed to pick up a copy of A Christmas Story. We headed home, and watched that. Then I had to go to bed because I had to go to work Saturday morning.

After work Saturday I came home and made my famous Beenie Weenies for dinner. (extra hot sauce for Ben and myself, though I don’t think I used enough hot sauce as Ben and I didn’t have flames leaping out of our mouths). After dinner we went and had ice cream. After that we came back to the house, Ben packed up his car, and we played a couple of board games. First of all was Stratego.

Ben and I playing stratego.

I beat him all 3 times we played. Then we broke out my civil war chess set.


At this point hilarity ensued. The problem with this chess set is that the Rebel pieces and the US pieces look so much alike. There were several times during the first game that Ben and I caught each other moving our opponents pieces. At one point I tried to capture one of my own pieces with one of his. :-/

When we played the second game he somehow ended up with one of my Bishops and vice versa. So while he had taken my Bishop (that was really his) his Bishop (that was really mine) was still on the board. At one point I notice that my Bishop is in a perfect place to take his Queen. I start to move that and Ben says “you can’t do that” and I of course reply with “Why the hell not, its my piece and your Queen is open”. He comes back with “but i just moved the Bishop there 2 moves ago.” I replied with “Oh”. And looked and noticed that my own Bishop was on a colored square, just like my other Bishop (that Ben had been moving). So it turned out at that point we realized he had put my Bishop in his Bishop’s place. This game was rather a cluster F- and ended up with us both laughing so hard we were crying.

Sadly after Chess was over I had to go to bed so I could get up for church Sunday morning, and Ben had to get some sleep as he would be leaving even earlier than I to head back home. I’m really glad he got a chance to come down. I enjoyed hanging out with him for a few days.

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  1. It was a great road trip to see a great friend, ski, and shoot. Also, I managed to reacquaint with James and Joanna on my way back. Next time I’m learning how to fly. Reno is nice but Odessa is closer. Although Reno might be worth the flight.

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