I Got Promoted At Work

So this past Saturday about 5 hours before my shift at work ended I started feeling sick. I worked for 2 more hours and then decided, screw it, I’m going home. I was feeling awful and there was an event I wanted to attend that evening. (Had paid $30 to attend in fact). I hardly ever call in sick, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal if I took the last 3 hours of the day off to get some rest before the evening.

I attended the concert I was going to that night. It was a great concert, but I felt really sick the whole time. You know that just feeling kind of light headed, fuzzy, with some light cold-like symptoms, just a general feeling of weakness. Attending the concert was a mistake, because I was completely out of it Sunday. I slept the whole day through. Monday was a little better, but not much. Tuesday was about like Monday, until I took a nap, then woke up around 3pm feeling just fine. I probably had fallen asleep about 1:30, so that little hour and a half nap cured me.

I was supposed to have worked Tuesday, but since I felt like crap I had called in. So I come in Wednesday morning, start doing my job like normal, and then my supervisor comes by and looks very grim. He says “Put your time card into meeting, and meet me in the conference room”. My first thought was “Crap! The conference room! That can’t be good.” See, when you go in the conference room for a meeting, its because they don’t want anyone on the main office floor to hear what’s being said. Which usually means that you are in trouble.

I figured that I was in trouble for taking off the day on Tuesday. I thought for sure I was getting some sort of warning that would then exclude me from being considered for the promotion I had applied for at work. I walked in the conference room, and sitting on the other side of the conference table was the manager of the department I had applied to for my promotion.

I started to hope for the fact that they were going to offer me a job, but then I thought, no they surely won’t offer me one yet. The listing where they are taking applications for the position doesn’t even close until the end of the week. There is no way they would want me already, before they even find out for sure who all is going to apply.

I was wrong. They did want me. They extended me an offer, and I accepted it. The pay was also higher than what they had advertised it being in the application process. That was pretty awesome as well. We discussed a few little details. They explained that the paperwork would take a few days to get here with the official offer letter to be signed, and the paperwork for the drug to come in, and then I would have to go take the drug test, and all of that. My new manager welcomed me aboard. My old manager told me he was sorry to see my sales numbers go (because they make him and the team look good) but he was happy to see my growth within the company.

I’m very happy to have this job. It’s taking me back to doing something I absolutely loved doing before. I mean to some people doing technical support may sound boring, but I like it. It’s seeing a problem in front of you, and doing whatever you have to do to fix it. It’s thinking outside the box, and thinking of new ways of doing things, instead of sitting there doing the same repetitive thing over and over again every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely happy that I have a job now, even if it is sales. But it is rather repetitious, and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty with something a little more unexpected.

I officially start the new job June 21st. I can’t wait!


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