Rated Battlegrounds

Since I know most of you would have no idea what I was talking about when I mention rated battlegrounds and all the things that come with it I’ll go into a little background here. Any questions feel free to ask. 🙂

So WOW is a video game I play with literally thousands of other people active and doing things in the game at the same time I am. It is a very social game. One aspect of the game is called battlegrounds. In a battleground you have an objective, such as to capture the flag, or hold a base for a certain length of time. There are 2 types of battlegrounds that you can play, regular, and rated. Regular and rated are the same except that with rated you get a score based on your game. The system then tries to match you up with others who are of a similar score to you. There are 10 people on your team, and 10 people on the other team. All of these people are controlled by real live people also sitting at their computers.

The WOW world is divided into servers because there is something like 13 million people that play this game, and there isn’t a server in the world that could handle all of us on at once. On my server there is around 10,000 people logged in at any one time. On the server are 2 factions, The Alliance, and The Horde. I happen to play on The Horde almost exclusively. Within the Horde there are guilds. Guilds are just basically players who have banded together, and agreed to play together. You get a few bonuses for being in a guild such as a guild bank to store items and a common chat room for the entire guild. My guild currently has around 200 people in it. I am what is called an officer in this guild. An officer is usually someone who is in charge of a certain aspect of the game. In this case I am in charge of rated battlegrounds. I tend to be a co-leader with another guy in my guild who is a really good friend of mine. He also happens to be one of the people i spend the most time in the game with.

So with that explination out of the way, I’ll go into the neat thing that happened this past weekend.

Saturday night Raven decided he was going to set up a rated battleground group, which meant getting 10 people together to play. He got the group together, I explained strategies for the game and we got our first opponent. The opponent we got was from our own server, it was a guild called Ruinous. (My own guild is called Filet Mignome). Ruinous is an Alliance guild on our server who is universally hated (by both factions interestingly enough). They tend to go around in large groups attacking single Horde players, which is known as ganking. Ganking every once in awhile is OK, but doing it constantly, repeatedly, is just annoying, and whenever they do happen to meet people on even terms they always lose. The guild in general is a bunch of terrible players. As this was only our third attempt at a rated battlegrounds outing I didn’t expect us to win. When I saw we were playing against Ruinous I kind of started hoping we might win despite not having won before.

The game was a long one, and it was a difficult one mostly because it was our first game and we were dealing with scenarios that we hadn’t planned for. However in the end we were victorious over Ruinous. The objective of the game was 3 flag captures. If you weren’t able to get 3 flag captures, then whoever had the most flag captures at the end of the game was the winner. Capturing a flag might sound easy, but the twist to this was, the other team can’t have your flag in their possession at the time you go to capture their flag. We managed to win with 2 flag caps. I am of the firm opinion that if we’d been given another 30 seconds in the battleground that we would have won with 3 flag caps.

Pics or it didn’t happen (click for a bigger version):

A few things I’ll call your attention to. (If anyone cares my characters name is Wolfear, and you can see my stats in the pic). First is our average team rating (317) vs. Ruinous average team rating (927). So according to Blizzards ranking system they totally should have beaten us. They didn’t as you can see by the part that says “Horde Wins”. Next I’ll call your attention to the “Flag Captures” column. Our flag carrier had 2 caps, their flag carrier had none. Next if you look on the lower left portion of the screen there is a bunch of green and yellow writing. There are 5 people that say “has earned the achievement In Service Of The Horde”. That means for these 5 people (me included) this was their first rated bg game victory, ever. Also if you look at Ruinous ratings, you can see that none of them were new. They had all won a rated battleground before. Any of our players who have a rating around 70, that was all a first victory for them.

Overall I was proud to be part of a team that beat Ruinous. I was proud to be part of a team that went on to get 2 more victories that night (along with 3 losses, we won 50% of our games). I can’t wait to do it again.


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