Preliminary Planning For Texas Trip

So I know there are a lot of people I want to visit with when I come to Texas. I know there are a lot of people who want to meet Ashley. I’m going to try to plan this trip out as well as I possibly can so that we can be as efficient as possible while we are there.

May 19th – Arrive at Midland airport at 6:45pm, assuming our plane is on time. Hope some yet to be named family member from San Angelo is there to pick us up.

May 19th-22nd hang out with family in San Angelo. (can get more detailed later.)

May 23rd – wake up early and drive in the general direction of Dallas. Possibly make a detour to Jacksboro to pay a visit to my Aunt Ana and Uncle Bob’s house. At some point that evening arrive at Kara and George’s house. Maybe have dinner with Kara and George?

May 24th – Morning and Afternoon, no plans. Evening – have to be at location for wedding rehersal.

May 25th – Morning and Afternoon maybe hang out with friends in the Greenville area. Nick and Ben perhaps? May 25th evening bachelor (for me) and bachelorette (for Ashley) party.

May 26th Morning – Wedding! (frickin about time you 2… geez..) Afternoon open. Evening (pending Jo Jo’s approval) hanging out with James and Jo Jo so they can get to know Ashley.

May 27th – Leisurely Sunday drive back to San Angelo

May 28th – Morning sleep in! Try to recover from the past week! – Evening back to Midland by about 5pm to make our plane on time, hopefully taken by some relative from San Angelo.

So there’s what I got off the top of my head. The wedding plans cannot be changed or moved, they are set in stone. Aside from that we’re pretty flexible. Suggestions for changes or spending time with people please let me know. I’ll put up a more permanent schedule later after working out who all we’re going to see.


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