Caucusing And Sport Bikes

So today started off with waking up early so I could go argue politics with my neighbors. My wife calls me crazy for wanting to do this, but despite that she came along and supported me, and my candidate. So we got showered, had breakfast and got dressed. I picked my Street Vibrations t-shirt, since that is a local thing here, and if I was going to be talking up Dr. Ron Paul I wanted these folks to think of me as a local.

We arrived at the caucus place, and went and got a ticket to go stand in a big long line where we would be directed to our room. The long line moved fast. Ashley’s chiropractor took my ticket and directed me upstairs. He’s a big Ron Paul supporter, and we’ve talked about Paul every time I’ve been to his office. I still think chiropractors are quacks, but at least he is a nice quack.

We arrived in our room about 9:30 knowing the caucus would start at 10:00am. There was a bit of worry there that we would be the only people to show up to the caucus. Our precinct got 3 delegates, and we were worried there would only be 2 of us to be delegates. Here’s some pics we took of us in the room.



Right about 10 am some other people started showing up. We had one guy say he just wanted to vote and leave, so he did that. There were 2 other Ron Paul supporters who showed up after that, one Newt supporter, and his wife a Romney supporter.

We went down the list of names on the ballot and asked if anyone wanted to speak for a certain candidate.


The one guy spoke up for Newt but his argument wasn’t very convincing. The 4 Ron Paul supporters in the room all took turns telling about why we were voting for Paul. Most of what I had to say focused on his wanting to shut down military bases and bring our troops home. Once that was done we had everyone cast ballots. Then the ballots were tallied and we got the following:


After that delegates to the county convention and alternates were chosen. The 2 non-Paul supporters in the room chose not to be delegates. I was chosen to be a delegate, and Ashley was chosen as an alternate. Our only alternate. We did have the option of 2 more if anyone wanted to do that but none of the other 2 did.

Once that was done we headed out. On our way out the door we saw Governor Sandoval being interviewed. We stopped to watch the interview and see what he had to say.


Once his interview was over he came over and shook hands with Ashley and I. I suggested to Ashley that she mention something to him about Cooperative Extension. She did, and asked that CE be placed as a line item in the budget since UNR had taken the money that was given to CE. As Ashley put it UNR “sucked CE dry”. Sandoval said he was a 4H guy and completely supported CE. We shook hands once more and he was on his way.

Things of note from my encounter with the governor. He has very soft hands. He has a security detail that stays near him and his security detail open carries.

After that was done Ashley and I went to her mom’s house and picked up her mom so we could all go eat lunch together. We had lunch at BJ’s brewery. I actually tried something different than the buffalo chicken pizza for once. I got the cheese encrusted chicken with spaghetti. It was very delicious. For dessert Ashley’s mom and I split a pizookie. It was also delicious.

Once we were done there we headed to Goodwill where I dropped mom and Ashley off so they could go shop while I picked up my motorcycle gear. Mom had agreed to let me try out her sport bike. It is a Suzuki SVK650.


We got back to her mom’s house, I geared up, started the bike and took it for a quick ride down the street.


That was SO AWESOME! The bike has so much power behind it. It is a full 150cc’s less than my cruiser, but the amount of speed I was able to get on that bike in such a short amount of time was AMAZING.

I was a little rough with the clutch at first. Once I got used to it though, it was smooth as butter. I took it for a ride around the neighborhood and then off to a windy road that was a little further away from the neighborhood. I looked down at the speedometer at one point and realized I was doing 80mph. I had to brake really fast. The speed limit was only 35. I rode that road out to the end then turned around, came back and parked the bike before I got a speeding ticket.

This was my first ride on a sport bike and I have to say I am IN LOVE. I’m going to try to convince mom into selling me her bike, but if I can’t do that then at the very least I will have to pick up one of my own.


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