Computer Problems

I have been having problems with my computer since around Christmas time. I’ve tried on and off for almost 2 months to diagnose the problem. I have so far been unsuccessful in figuring out what the problem is. I finally did something I was loathe to do, I hired an outside professional to fix my computer.

I take pride in my computer repair skills. I actually worked in tech support for several years when I was younger. But I called the guy who runs Reno Geek because I was at a loss with no idea what to do anymore. He called me back today to let me know he had tested all the components individually and had come to the same conclusion I had. All the individual components work fine.

According to him there is some combination of components that are causing the errors I’m having. He called today to say that he needs more time to diagnose what combination of components it is that is causing the problem.

It makes me feel a little bit better that even the professional is stumped by my machine. Hopefully he can get it figured out so I can get this problem finally fixed.

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