Reno Runamuck Race 2012

So this guy from church, Hunter for those that know him, sends me a text about a week ago saying “Man, you have got to come do this race with us!” I was like “race? have you seen what kind of shape I am in? There’s no way I could even finish a race man.” Anyway, after going back and forth with him about it I finally agreed to do it. Then he told me the entry fee was $30. Great, I’m going to pay $30 to be in this race that I probably won’t even finish. Then I find out shortly after that not only is this a race, but there is obstacles.

So come the day of the race the “Real Men Of Geenus” (sic) are lined up at the starting line. There were staggered starts because of how many people were in the race. So we start off cheering, I’m jogging along, then about 2 blocks later I’m done jogging and I start walking. We end up at the back of the pack (expected with me being as slow as I am.) I mean I’m used to running on a gym treadmill. This outside stuff is HARD!

So we get to the first obstacle. It’s tires that you have to run through. There are about 100 of them, I mean this was a LONG set of tires. I make it through that. Then there was some 2×4’s that were in a weaving pattern that you had to get across. The next obstacle is hay bales stacked 3 high that you have to jump up and over. There were 3 or 4 of these hurdles. Oh and in between these obstacles there was a lot of running (walking) in between them. They were not close together at all.

So the next obstacle was a tube that you have to crawl through. It’s a black tube so its all dark and scary inside. I actually started to freak out a little bit towards the last 1/4 of it because of how tight it was in that tube. At that point though I figured I’m already almost done, there’s the light at the end of the tunnel, just make it there and I’m good. Then I got to the end and had to stand up. *sigh

After that was a sack race kind of thing. You had to get into garbage bags and hop a long way. I got about 1/4 of the way through that and just said I can’t hop anymore and handed over my bag. After that was the mud pit. I think I read somewhere that the mud pit was 70 feet long. You had to get down on your hands and knees and crawl through it. If you’ve ever been swimming in a lake, it was kinda like that, but a LOT more dirt. I banged up my knees pretty good during that. Once we got out of that the Reno fire department was nice enough to hose us off with the fire hoses.

Once that was done then it was back the way we came. We had to climb over the hay again. on the way back. We had to do the tire thing again. Then we got hosed off 1 more time before they made us climb this giant set of steps to an inflatable water slide. Once I somehow managed to get to the top I slid the whole rest of the way down on my belly. I bounced a few times on it on the way down and that was slightly painful. There was another guy on our team named Josh. I almost took him out when I got to the bottom. Josh is skinny as a bean pole, so he didn’t slide as far as I did, and had stood up much sooner than I was able to. I managed to slide on my side right past him without taking him out.

Once we got off the inflatable slide it was just a short jog to the finish line where we picked up our Runamuck shirts and head bands for completing the race. We also got our picture taken in front of a Subaru car that was there. When that was over with the other guys took off and I went and sat in the river for a bit to help get some of the mud off of me.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Hunter, Josh, and Doug, my team mates who despite the fact that I slowed them down tremendously (all of them are in much better shape than I) they stayed with me the whole time. We managed to complete the race together. Also I don’t think we were the last team from our starting group to cross the line. However there were a couple teams from the starting group that started after us that did cross before we did. Anyway, thanks guys, you are the best. 🙂

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