A Post From My Old Website About What Hardware I Owned Circa 2002


Pentium 3, 1Ghz Laptop, 256mg Ram, 30 gig HDD, dual boot windows xp home, and Redhat Linux 7.2, used mainly for my own personal uses

Pentium 2, 400Mhz Desktop, 192mg Ram, 20 & 40 gig HDD, windows 2000 pro, The following are served off of here: This website, an mp3 ftp site, my broadcasts for ragradio, and an irc server

Pentium celeron, 533Mhz Desktop, 192mg Ram, 10 gig HDD, Redhat linux 7.2, This was my first linux box, i will always have fond memories of it. it currently is pretty much a bot (for irc) server and a telnet server, so i can chat when im away from home.


Pentium 3, 1.2Ghz Desktop, 128mg Ram, 80 gig HDD, Windows ME, This is my wifes computer, she mostly uses it for playing diablo, and watching movies, it has a sony 19″ moniter with it, which we picked up the whole package for a great price.

Linksys 4 port router with built in switch, which connects all my LAN together.

Though it is a bit hard to see (its in the middle) this is an RCA digital broadband cable modem, which is what connects all this hardware to the internet.




Below this line is another post on my website I came across that shows me I was using Bit Torrent as of 2003.

Im not dead 😀

Broadband has returned, ftp is up.
If You think you need a login to my ftp that is back up and running, email me, [redacted] i will get back to you, also please include your preffered login name and password
here is a list of files on the ftp (updated 10-25-03)
here is a list of files that have been burned and can be put on the ftp if requested (updated 10-25-03)
WARNING if you download from the ftp between the hours of 11pm and 8 am you are probably fighting with bit torrent for bandwidth, dont complain when it goes slow.

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