Latest On My Promotion

I spoke with my new supervisor this morning. She asked me if I had gotten my paperwork yet. I told her I had not, but it should be arriving via Fed-Ex today some time, though it may actually be tomorrow before it makes its way to me. I also got an email that the IT department will be moving my PC to my new desk before I arrive on Monday. That reminds me also that I will have a short weekend coming up. Sunday will be the only day I get off, before I start work on Monday. For the first week or 2 I will have a “training schedule” which means Monday through Friday 8-5 I think.

So not a whole lot going on there yet, but that is where I am with it. Further updates as they come availiable. One other thing, I’m assuming since my new supervisor came and told me about the paperwork in front of everyone here at work that I’m allowed to talk about it now. Yay!

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