Adventures In Drug Testing

I got my packet of paper work from work in the mail last night. It included a lot of papers that I had to fill out and sign. I don’t think I’ve ever had to fill out that many papers to work some where. I know I didn’t have anything close to that when I started here as a temp. Anyway, I sat down and filled out all the paperwork last night. It took a little over an hour to complete it all.

Included in the paperwork was the papers I needed to take up to the lab so I could do my drug test. This is the standard little packet of papers I’ve gotten every other time I’ve done a drug test. No big deal. I figured to wake up an hour early this morning in order to get up to the lab, leave my sample and get to work on time. Based on past experience I assumed that I would be giving myself a little too much time because of the proximity of the lab to my work.

Boy was I wrong. I arrived at the drug testing place at 9:01am. I remember because that was the time I put on the sign in sheet. The time they put on my drug testing paperwork as the time the test was turned over to them was 10:35 am. Over an hour and a half just to pee in a cup. I have never in all the drug tests I’ve ever done to get a job experienced that long of a wait.

The company was called Labcorp. If you ever have a choice in where you get your lab work done, avoid them like the plague. They were unapologetic as they completely ignored everyone in the waiting room. The nurses on duty did not seem to care in the least about anyone they were seeing. They were rude, and unprofessional. It appeared that everyone was in the office for the same reason I was (to pee in a cup) and there is no reason at all that the 2 nurses on duty couldn’t have had that entire room cleared out in a half an hour if they had stopped gossiping long enough with each other to actually help people.

I ended up being almost an hour late to work due to the unprofessional way these nurses acted. Luckily my supervisor was very understanding of the situation, and due to the fact that in the 6 months I’ve been working here this was the first time I have been late he was willing to let this one time incident slide without any official comment.

Also this morning I tried to turn my filled out paperwork in to HR. However we are having a health fair at work today and all of HR is busy with that, so they asked me to come back tomorrow morning to get that turned in. I spoke with my new supervisor this morning and she said that she should have my desk ready for me to move in by later today or first thing tomorrow. I can start moving my stuff up stairs as soon as my desk is ready.

Only about 3.5 days left in my old job. I’m very excited for Monday to get here!!!

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