Ricvens Adventures Part 3

So with hind site this blog will be a little bit out of order. First I’ll be discussing the progression of the Province we are building, then I’ll get into some more specific things that occurred during our Province building. The province building itself is going to cover 6 months of time.


The fist thing we did after establishing our capitol city was to declare our first holiday! Gotta keep our people happy. We decided founders day would be the 1 yearly holiday we have every year. We’re possibly going to add some more in next year. We also passed an edict to promote ourselves to outside provinces and kingdoms. Basically we commissioned some political ads to go up in other places to get more settlers moving into our province.


Next we claimed the plot of land next to our current plot. We built a castle around our capitol city so should the worst happen we have a way to defend ourselves. We also built a fishery and a farm next to the castle so our settlers would be able to be fed. The building of the castle was REALLY expensive, luckily with the resources provided to us by the other river kingdoms we were able to afford it.


Next we built some mid-sized housing in our city so that our citizens wouldn’t have to be sleeping in tents anymore. On the other hex of land I mentioned claiming above we built another farm and fishery. It is pretty amazing how much people can eat, and how difficult it can be to manage food supply sometimes. Next we built an inn in our city so that travelers will have a place to stay when passing through. It also helps the local economy quite a bit to have that money coming in.


Next we built a library and a brothel. Those travelers and our citizens are going to want to have something to read and someone to.. well, you know…  Right about this time our citizens got unhappy with the fact that we had built a fishery so close to the castle. The ungrateful people were actually complaining about the smell of it. Never mind that half their food comes from the fishery. We decided as a group that they can deal with it since they’d probably rather eat and have to smell the fish rather than starve to death.


We next built a town hall to conduct meetings and offer citizens a place to gather. We also took over a hex with a gold mine in it. +1 to our economy! Also around this time one of our fine citizens studying at the local library that we had built for them made some kind of knowledge break through (it was something to do with alchemy, not really my field so I don’t know all the details.) The helped increase how well known our little province was which should be really helpful in getting people to settle here!


In the final month we heard more people complaining. We built a foundry next to the fishery and the citizens REALLY didn’t like that. We pretty much told them to deal with it. Even if it does smell bad its a good thing for the city. Eventually they’ll be able to expand out and move away from it. The current housing can become low income housing and everyone will be happy.


The next big problem we ran into was some over zealous settlers moving into a hex that was not our property yet. They decided to build a mill there. Then these settlers decided to get into an argument with each other about which of them actually owns the mill. This group fighting was causing some unrest amongst the citizens in town. No doubt they have family members out there at this pirate mill. We’re deferring judgement for the moment about what to do with these squatters.


During all this building time I had some downtime to myself. I spent the downtime working out and working on my skills. I feel much stronger about this now. One of the really cool things about my job though is that I’m getting paid 140 gold a month to be the warden of the province. I also decided to order myself a new shield with shield spikes on it. This will be a shield made out of a lighter material with a little magic mixed in to make it so I hit things a bit harder when I shield bash them.


We managed to find some time to do a little more exploring further out from the province. We ran into a dryad who told us that a tree demon had been harassing her. While hunting down this tree demon we came across a new river. I’m of the opinion we should really start expanding the province in that direction. We’ll see. We managed to find the tree demon, he was about 20 feet tall. He took one swipe at me and beat me up pretty bad. Luckily our cleric was able to heal me right up.


In the middle of the fight the tree demon decided he’d had enough and started to run away. The fighter in the group chased after him and barely managed to kill him. The tree demon looked to be made of some pretty solid wood. We decided to have a trophy room at the castle to put up tokens of our adventures. We’ll be using the tree demon for shelving in the new trophy room. 😀


That’s all the adventuring I have time to update right now. More adventures coming soon!

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