Adventures Of Ricven Part 4

So after the adventure with the tree demon we returned to the capitol to make sure everything was running ok. After that we continued to explore the land around our capitol. We want to get as good of an idea as we can as to what is around it. While exploring we came across the ruins of a keep.


The front door of the keep had arched door ways, the doors long since rotted away. Our fighter decided to walk through the doors without checking for traps. Several tons of stone started to come down on top of him as he went in. Luckily his reflexes are pretty good and he was able to jump out of the way at the last second.


There were 4 towers, one in each corner of the keep. The towers each had doors on them, and strangely the doors looked to be pretty new. Our rogue decided to walk up and knock on one of the doors. No one answered, and after checking for traps we opened the door. Inside were dead bodies nailed to the wall. There was blood all over the place.


While we were marveling over the room our group was attacked from behind. We found out later it was a Quickling, but at the time we were unaware as it attacked, and then stealthed and ran away.





The quickling hit like a truck. When he stabs you it hurts! Healing from our Cleric was required so we could move forward with fighting this thing. The biggest problem with trying to fight him though was finding him. There was also a smaller tower inside the center of the keep. We thought that the Quickling would be in the tower room, so we stuck someone at each one of the entrances to make sure he couldn’t escape.

Our Summoner was casting oil on the floor in hopes that the quickling would move through it. I cast Entangle in the room in hopes of snagging it in place. Unfortunately when I did that it managed to tangle up a few of our party members. Ooops, sorry about that guys. I was actually entangled as well.

Realizing I wasn’t going to be able to move I sent Skoll (my wolf companion) around to the other side in case our Rogue needed help guarding the door. This actually really helped things quite a bit because the Quickling decided to attack Skoll. A Quickling must become visible to attack. Our Bard was also on that side of the door with Skoll, our rogue and the Bard was stealthed, so the Quickling didn’t know the Bard was there.

The bard came out of stealth and started playing a song that forced the Quickling to lay on the ground laughing. It was just the opportunity we needed! Our Cleric was quick to get over to the Quickling and cast Faerie Fire on it, which basically caused it to glow. After that was cast the creature was able to take off.

Some quick thinking with our fighter and his bow, he was able to get out and start attacking the Quickling again and distract him so the rest of us could catch up. Skoll, myself, our rogue, and our fighter all managed to surround the Quickling and dispatched of him.

The hour grows late, so I must retire for the evening and rest up for tomorrows adventures.


My Wolf Companion Skoll

My Wolf Companion Skoll

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