The Wreck My Step-Dad Was In – Pics And Video

Below I’ve posted pictures and video of the wreck my step dad was in. They show how messed up the truck he was driving in was. I also included a couple of video’s. He’s lucky to be alive, and I’m glad he is OK.

Also keep in mind he came out of this with a scratch above one eye, and a neck brace due to whiplash. Other than that he received no injuries from the wreck. He was in the truck about an hour and a half before being cut out of it.


Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Gravel Truck Rollover

Blatantly stole the below from the website that had the pictures. The videos came from elsewhere though.

The driver of an 18-wheeler was recovering Wednesday after emergency personnel spent more than an hour extricating him from his truck that had rolled while traveling on Interstate 20.

The 61-year-old male, whose name was not released, was driving westbound around 9 a.m. Wednesday on Interstate 20 just east of Midland when he lost control, officials said.

The driver was transporting rock in an 18-wheeler for Midland-based Reece Albert Construction, staff at the company said. Staff said they’d been informed the driver was in stable condition late Wednesday.

When the truck rolled on its top, the driver was pinned in the cab for about an hour and a half as crews worked to extract him from the vehicle, Midland Fire Department Battalion Chief Chad Clark said.

Five MFD units responded to the scene along with Department of Public Safety troopers. Clark said MFD had a total of 12 personnel on the scene. Along with the Jaws of Life, he said, they used various tools including saws as well as mechanisms to stabilize the vehicle as they worked to get the driver out.

The driver was transported to Medical Center Hospital via helicopter as a precaution, officials said.

“He was really fortunate,” Clark said.

Interstate 20 was stopped in both directions for nearly two hours Wednesday morning and crew worked to remove the driver from the truck and then to clear the scene.


  1. I just updated it on the website too, but he came out of it with a scratch over one of his eyes, and a neck brace due to whip lash. Other than that there are no injuries from the wreck. They spent about an hour and a half cutting him out of the truck.

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