My Busy Weekend

This past Saturday was the first Saturday I’ve had off since I got out of training in mid-November. I was teaching Sunday School the next day so the first stop was Fed-Ex Kinko’s to print out the article that I was doing my lesson from. Ashley was with me, and she wanted to stop by Goodwill since we were right next door at Fed-Ex. She looked around there, and didn’t find anything she needed.

Next we headed over to Whole Foods so Ashley could pick up some gluten free cookies. We were headed to a bar-b-que later in the day and she wanted to make sure that she had a dessert that she could actually eat. While we were in Whole Foods there were a lot of people with free samples in there. I tried any that looked good. Most were good, a few were not. After we had paid for the cookies, and as we were heading out of Whole Foods we noticed a tent on the side of the building, and decided to go check it out. It was an entire tent full of free food samples. Once again, most everything was good, but some was not. A lot of it was gluten free too, which meant that Ashley could eat it without getting sick.

Once we were done at Whole Foods we headed up to a comic book store I had been wanting to visit since shortly after I moved here. The reason I had not been able to visit it before was because my work schedule was exactly the same schedule the store was open. So there was no way I could get out there to visit it. I was determined to do it with my first Saturday off. We arrived at the comic store and noticed that the lights were off, and the front door was propped open. The closer I walked to it the more I realized this place looked like it was mostly empty. There was a ladder in the middle of the store.

I walked in and a guy came out of the back and asked if he could help us. I told him I was looking for a local comic store to get my comics from, but it looked like he was closing up shop. He was, but he still had a few items for sale, and he could still run a debit card. I ended up picking up Batman #700, and Superman #700. (I’ve had a chance to read Batman, and quite frankly it sucked. I’ve not read Superman yet). While we were talking I noticed one of the few things he had on his shelves was Ultimate Spider-Man number 10. Now the last I remember, Ultimate Spider-Man was around issue 115 or so. I asked him what happened and he said they killed off Spider-Man and re-started the series over again. I was in shock about them doing that, and he said he had the trade paperback (a collection of 6-10 individual issues of a comic) where Spider-Man died.

He searched around the store, and finally found it in a pile of stuff. He handed it to me, and I wanted it, I really did, but I had just dropped money on the other 2 comics and didn’t want to spend $20 on this one. I handed it back to him and said I would pass on it for right now. He looked offended and told me “No, no, I’m giving it to you!” Oh. Cool! A free $20 comic book. Awesome. I thanked the guy several times. Enough times he was probably getting tired of me thanking him.

It also came out in conversation that he was planning on moving to a new location, he just hadn’t found one yet. In the mean time, he was going to continue running the comic book store out of his house. So if there are issues I would like to buy, I can get them from him. The reason he was closing up shop in the first place was because of how much the building he was in had raised his rent.

After the comic store, Ashley and I had some time to kill before the Bar-B-Que, but not enough time to make it all the way home. Home was in the other direction from where we needed to go. We decided to head to Dairy Queen and have some ice cream. I had a dipped cone. It was good.

After we were done with our ice cream we headed out to the Bar-B-Que. It was at a place called Bowers Mansion. The mansion itself was closed to the public while the state parks department renovates it, however the grounds of the mansion were gorgeous. I would have loved to have seen the inside though. There were a lot of trees out there, which made the day feel considerably cooler than it would have otherwise. After Ashley and I arrived, we chatted with a few of her co-workers. The bar-b-que was being thrown in appreciation for the volunteers who are a part of the work she does. The volunteers started showing up, and shortly after that we ate.

The food was delicious! There had been several people who had been grilling meat all day, and the volunteers and the employees brought the side dishes. I had some brisket that was so delicious, it just melted in my mouth. The tritips were pretty good too.

Once we were done eating some awards got handed out to the volunteers. After that Ashley and I took a walk around the grounds. We hiked up the side of a mountain to see the Bowers family grave yard. It wasn’t very big, but it was located in a beautiful location on the side of the mountain. You could look out and see the entire valley below. I took pictures of it, but i guess my phone decided it didn’t like those pictures because they weren’t there later.

After the Bar-B-Que was done, we came home and got ready to go to a baptism at the church. We went to that, and had a good time visiting with everyone.

That was pretty much the weekend. It was a good one. Though it’s taken me a little while to get this typed up, as right now it is a week after all these events happened, and I’ve already had a busy couple of days. I’ll start writing that update next.

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