Iphone 4 Experience The First 48 Hours (pic and video included)

First off, on a side note, I just discovered that one of the things that caused people to find my blog was a search for “i got promoted and dont like my job anymore”. Very strange, but I assume it has to do with the post where I talk about how I got promoted. Anyway, on to the main point of my post today. The Iphone 4.

I picked up my Iphone 4 from Fed-Ex after work on Thursday. Fed-Ex was actually very competent and hassle free, a different experience than what I had in Dallas whenever I had to contact Fed-Ex there. To be fair though, that’s only talking about in person contacts, every time I’ve talked with them on the phone has been a pleasurable experience.

After I picked up the phone, I took it out to the truck and opened the box. It came just like every other iphone does, with the same accessories, but when I picked up the phone itself, it felt much heftier than my old phone. This was despite the fact that the Iphone 4 is only 3 grams heavier than my 3G. I also liked how squared off it was, as opposed to just being rounded, like the 3G. It just naturally felt really good in my hand.

I left the phone turned off at that time since I knew it had to be activated via Itunes before I could really use it anyway. I went and had dinner with Ashley and her mom. (Dos Amigos.. good tacos). After that Ashley and I went and had Ice cream at McDonalds. After that we went to Dollar Tree and picked up some party decorations for my birthday part. Then we headed back to the house.

Once home I backed up the Iphone 3G, so that when i updated the 4 it would have all the most recent information in it. I plugged in the 4, and quickly noticed how NICE the new screen looked. It was very PRETTY. You couldn’t even see the individual pixels on the new screen. Itunes asked me if I wanted to restore from my 3G backup, I told it yes, do that. I waited about 30 minutes, or a little more. Once it was done I increased the amount of music that will be on the phone (since the phone is double the capacity of my old phone).

Once that was complete I played around with apps on the phone. I found the apps to be very snappy. Everything works very very fast in comparison to my old phone. I was really impressed with it. I think what impressed me most was web browsing. That used to be so slow before, and I always blamed ATT slow 3G connection. But even with the slow 3G the phone was rendering web pages much, much faster than the old phone.

Shortly after that I went to bed, with the phone case-less, hoping I didn’t manage to drop the thing. Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to make both the front and back of the phone out of glass. That means more easily breakable than old phones.

The next day (Friday) I woke up earlier than I intended to. Apparently all this getting up early for the new job has trained my body not to sleep past 8am. (Which sucks because on Sunday’s I don’t even have to get up for church until 9am.) So I got up, anticipating the press conference that Steve Jobs was going to have about the Iphone 4. Since the conference did not start for another 2.5 hours so I cleaned the house some in anticipation of my birthday party on Saturday.

After I was done cleaning it was almost time for the press conference to start. I watched a liveblog of it from Macworld, and it turned out that Steve Jobs was giving all Iphone owners a free bumper, starting next week. Well waiting 2 weeks (1 for the sale to start, 1 for it to get to me) for a case was just not going to work. I needed my phone protected now because I have a tendency to drop my phone. A lot.

So that was the next order of the day was to go out searching for a case for my new phone. It would also give me a chance to field test the phone while i was out for the day. The first place I stopped was Nu Yalk Pizza for a slice. It was good, and they have free wifi there, so I was able to read the news while I ate. I was once again impressed with how well this phone works and how fast it loads pages and such.

After I got done eating I headed to Best Buy and checked out some cases there. I didn’t see anything that impressed me, and on top of that the lack of friendly sales people, or any sales people for that matter. So I left there, and headed to a nearby ATT store. I told the woman working that I drop my phone a lot. She recommended the Balistic Iphone case, though they were out of stock. She offered to call around to see if other stores had one. After having to stand there awhile while she called around she found out that the ATT store in the mall happens to have them. (oddly enough the mall is right next door to the best buy i was previously at.)

So I went back over to that area of town and walked up to the ATT kiosk in the mall and asked for that case. They gave it to me, and it turned out to be way more bulky than I was wanting, so I asked what other cases they had. Finally I came across a case that I had been looking at on the internet earlier in the day while I was watching the press conference by Steve Jobs. Every place on the internet had been sold out of that particular case, so I picked it up from there. I also picked up a pack of screen protectors already cut for the Iphone 4. The case I got has a hard outer shell, and then a silicone shell that goes around the phone. You slip the silicone shell inside the hard shell, and it gives the phone 2 layers of protection and shock absorption. It also keeps the profile of the phone and case pretty thin, which is nice considering the bulky case I used to have.

I took my case and screen protectors home. I tried to install the first screen protector and it didn’t work. I managed to get the screen protector very dirty on its sticky side the first attempt I made at putting one on the phone. I got the second one on with only a small air bubble, which I’m still trying to work out of the protector. Once I had done that I took a picture of the dog with the flash on.

The room was dark, with all the blinds closed to the outside. As you can see the flash was so bright the picture looks washed out.

I took another picture today of a co-worker that I sold my old phone to. (He actually gave me $25 more for the phone than what I originally paid, lol). He has a collection of Iphones. 3 of them now.

This was with no flash. The picture itself looks pretty good except for the blurriness where he was moving his hands out of the way. The thing is with 5 megapixel camera’s built into the phones with such tiny lenses I don’t think picture quality is going to get much better beyond this. I mean the 5mp made the picture bigger, sure, but the limitation itself is in the lens. I have a 10 mp camera of my own, and a rather inferior lens on it. I take good pictures with it, but with a better lens my pictures would be great, not just good.

Lastly here is a link to an HD video I took with the phone. The shakiness of it is my fault. You actually have to go to the youtube page and select that you want to view it in 720P to get the HD part of it. Here is the video link.

There are a few negative things I’ve noticed about the phone. 1 was the facebook app crashing. At this point I blame facebook, and not the phone itself, since no other apps are crashing. Also I have a cheap $15 charger from wal-mart that half the time I plug it in, it tells me this charger is not supported and the phone won’t charge. The other half the time the charger works. Weird. But those are the only 2 negatives so far.

I love this phone.

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